Obsessed: Hart of Dixie

Obsessed: Hart of Dixie

What I’m Watching Right Now

Hart of Dixie on Netflix

I am a sucker for a good series on Netflix and I recently finished watching Gilmore Girls. Can I just say about that ending…..WTH??? Talk about a cliffhanger! I think it’s Logan Huntzberger, just sayin’. Anyway, I was on the hunt for a new series to start and I stumbled across Hart of Dixie and remembered how I just could not miss a show when it was on cable. So here I find myself once again hooked on this show that gives me flashbacks of how I felt like a fish out of water when I moved to Alabama, only my experience was not as glamourous as Zoe Hart’s!

The Show

The show is about New York doctor named Zoe Hart who, after graduating, finds herself wanting to go down the same path as her father. Things don’t turn out as expected and she ends up leaving New York to accept an offer from a stranger she met at her graduation, Dr. Harley Wilkes from Alabama. Once she gets to Alabama, she gets the news that Dr. Wilkes has passed away and left his half of the practice to her in his will. You’ll have to watch the show to find out why he left the practice to her, I’m not telling….

Fun Facts

Genre: Comedy-drama

Stars: Rachel Bilson (hello OC fans), Jaime King (makes the perfect Southern Belle), Cress Williams, Wilson Bethel, Scott Porter (anyone else obsessed with Friday Night Lights like I was?), Tim Matheson, and Kaitlyn Black (my absolute favorite one on the show).

No. of Seasons: 4 (boooo)

Original Network: The CW (responsible for many of my TV series obsessions)

So if you’re in the mood to Netflix and Chill with me, you know what I’ll be watching! 😉


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