Social Butterfly: Instagram Share Test

Social Butterfly: Instagram Share Test

The Instagram Share Test

The Instagram Tip I Decided to Try for One Week

I have always been a fan of social media, but I especially love learning about how to use social media to grow your channels. So when I came across this one Instagram tip, I had to try it. I decided to try it and document it for one week for the purpose of this post. Here were my results:

The Tip

Ok so the tip I decided to try out was to share your favorite Instagram accounts and their most popular photos for each week. Basically, what you do is pull up one of your favorite Instagram accounts on your desktop. You then scroll through the most recent 9-12 photos and as you hover over each photo, it’ll show you how many likes and comments that photo got.

You then pick the photo with the most engagement and repost that one on your own Instagram feed. Please, please, please don’t be a jerk and take credit for the photo! Make sure you tag the original artist on your description so people know who’s photo it is.

I always thought Instagram had to only have your own original photos posted to it and I always wondered how these big accounts can post 4-6 times per day. Now I know that one of the things they do is repost other people’s photos!

The Experiment

I started with 778 followers on my Instagram account. Here is how my week of experimenting with this tip went:

  • Wednesday – 778 followers
  • Thursday – 781 followers
  • Friday – 780 followers
  • Saturday – 784 followers
  • Sunday – 783 followers
  • Monday – 782 followers
  • Tuesday – 795 followers

The Results

After one week this tip grew my Instagram account by 17 followers, which really isn’t that bad for simply sharing someone’s post. The one thing I did thing was really cool about this test was the fact that the original artists would reach out to me and thank me for sharing their post, which allowed me to connect with new influencers. All in all, I’d say this was a pretty cool tip to try and one I’ll definitely continue to use.

If you’d like to follow along on Instagram, I’m @VanessaPhelpsTV. Let me know you came from my blog cause I’d love to follow you back!


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