Get Fit in 2017: Fit in 15 App Review

Get Fit in 2017: Fit in 15 App Review

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Get Fit in 2017

When You Only Have 15 Minutes a Day

As a mom of 4, fitness has always been a much-desired goal but rarely ever met because of one simple little excuse reason: no time! So when I found this app that gave me 15-minute workouts and gave me a meal plan for each day, I knew I had to try it. Being that this app is gonna be my new best friend in 2017, I had to share it with you guys cause I know a lot of you are in the same boat 😉

The App

The app is called Fit in 15 and you can find it on iTunes here. When you first log in, I would recommend going to Tools and then the BMR Calculator. The cool thing about this is that it calculates your calories per day for you, so there’s no trying to figure that part out on your own.

From there, you can access your workouts in the Workout tab or if you want to find your meal plan for the day, use the Nutrition tab and get ready to go grocery shopping 😉 Under the Nutrition tab is also where you’ll find your meal plan that you’ve created for the week so no worries about writing it down, just go to the View Current Meal Plan tab and it’ll be saved there for you.

The 2-Week Workout

The app will be your daily go-to but if you’re interested in trying out their free 2-week program, you can check that out here. I’ll be starting the 2-week program after Thanksgiving (cause let’s be real, I love my Thanksgiving feast) and I’ll be checking in throughout the program on my Facebook page so be sure to head over there and follow along if you’re interested in joining me on this Fit for 2017 journey 😉 The hardest part is getting started, so let’s do that part together, why not right?!?

get fit

The Challenge

Alright so here’s the deal, I’m a sucker for challenges (don’t you just love that feeling of accomplishing something?!) so I thought I’d kick off the free 2-week challenge after Thanksgiving. If you’re interested in joining me and having an accountability partner through this, tweet me @VanessaPhelpsTV by clicking the link below!

Now go download that app, sign up for the free 2-week challenge, and I’ll see you after Thanksgiving!


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